Viracon expands VRE family of coatings with VRE-30

As debates over energy codes heat up, Viracon, the largest single-source glass fabricator in the United States, offers customers a new way to keep cool and meet code requirements: VRE-30. The latest addition to the popular Viracon Radiant low-E (VRE) product line, VRE-30 was designed to provide exceptional thermal performance with the aesthetics architects desire.

“VRE-30 was developed to meet stringent energy codes in states such as California and Nevada,” says Joe Effertz, director of international sales at Viracon. “Not only can it contribute to LEED certification, but it also has the low internal reflectance that our customers often prefer.”

VRE-30 provides significant performance benefits over traditional coatings. Like the rest of the VRE product line, it provides a neutral exterior color and allows two-way vision under varying light conditions. With a 28% light transmission level, VRE-30 provides an exceptional Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.19, and an extremely low interior reflectance of 15%, which is comparable to the 14% interior reflectance on uncoated clear insulating glass.

“We’ve had many architects interested in incorporating VRE-30 into condominium projects because it offers residents privacy from the exterior (reflectance) and clarity from the interior,” says Effertz.

From a performance standpoint, VRE-30 is also noteworthy. Its Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratio ranges from 0.92 to 1.46. The product will guarantee LEED 2.1 and 2.2 credit for exceeding the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1-99 U-factor/value guidelines (LEED 2.1) and ASHRAE 90.1-40 (LEED 2.2).

VRE-30 joins the VRE-67, VRE-59, VRE-46, VRE- 38 and VRE-54 family of coatings, representing the industry’s widest range of insulating glass options. The VRE family, also referred to as hybrid coatings, is gaining in popularity because they offer significant performance benefits over traditional coatings.

The VRE series provides a neutral-exterior color and allows two-way vision under varying light conditions. Its increased light transmittance addresses the psychological need for natural light. Its reduced solar heat gain provides economic benefits.

Available dimensions range from a minimum of 12″x36″ (305mm x 914mm) to a standard maximum of 84″x144″ (2134mm x 3658mm), with premium oversize capabilities up to 84″x165″ or 96″x144″. The standard maximum unit size is 65ft² (6.04m².)