The DGS and Solutions UK partnership, one of Swisspacer’s UK distributors, have launched the Swiss Duplex Grille System – an exclusive new product which works in conjunction with Swisspacer’s leading warm edge spacer bar.

The bespoke Swiss Duplex Grille System has been specifically designed by Solutions UK and DGS for use as a decorative insert that allows IGU manufacturers to fabricate a sealed unit which gives the appearance of multiple sealed units within the perimeter of one sealed unit frame. The design, which has a patent pending, features a collapsible compression centre/edge key leg that ensures that the inner frame remains stable and increases frictional resistance. The keys are available in 11.5mm x 18mm and 15.5mm x 18mm for use in 16mm and 20mm cavities. For absolute peace of mind, a range of standard round colour coded buffers is also available.

Garry Ealing, Partner at Solutions UK, says: “The system is aimed at sealed unit manufacturers who prefer to use a stick-on external astragal bar rather than a conventional aluminium Georgian bar between the panes of glass. The biggest benefit of the Swiss Duplex Grille System is that it offers enhanced thermal performance because, in conjunction with these keys, we are also selling Swisspacer bar with no foil attached, which significantly improves the thermal conductivity of the bar and improves U-values. The removal of the foil also reduces cost, which means it is an affordable alternative to using conventional aluminium Duplex.”