To help window fabricators and installers sell the benefits of energy efficient windows to homeowners, leading warm edge supplier Swisspacer is supplying a consumer guide.

The guide promotes the many benefits of windows with Swisspacer inside the sealed units. It promotes top performance, for example, Swisspacer enhanced windows achieve the best window energy ratings (WERs) which help homeowners cut the cost of heating bills. Swisspacer also reduces condensation, helping to keep windows cleaner and dryer.

Swisspacer’s marketing and sales manager Kathryn Dalgleish said, “The aim of the guide is to give window fabricators and installers a simple sales tool which explains the benefits of Swisspacer enhanced, high performance windows. Not only does it explain how Swisspacer works but it gives the homeowner tangible benefits and shows them exactly how they can save money when purchasing the most energy efficient windows.”