One of the South West’s largest independent manufacturers of sealed units has switched warm edge spacer to Swisspacer V. Gloucester-based CP Glass started using Swisspacer’s leading, no-investment-needed warm edge solution seven months ago. Now, 20% of the IGUs it manufactures use Swisspacer and demand is growing by the week. It buys Swisspacer through distributor DGS/Solutions UK.

CP Glass Co-Owner Peter Wyse says: “It’s vitally important that we provide our customers with the best performing sealed units, as per their requirements. If you don’t offer the best performing units then you run the risk of losing business. We changed warm edge supplier because it became evident from test results that Swisspacer V is the market leader. It is miles ahead of other spacer bars in terms of performance.”

CP Glass has seen an increasing number of its customers gaining Window Energy Ratings since it started using Swisspacer. Peter adds: “More customers are seeing the benefits of using Swisspacer. It is the preferred option for window fabricators looking to achieve an ‘A’ rated window. They think it’s excellent. We currently have 30 customers using Swisspacer but this number is increasingly weekly.”