Homeowners no longer see windows as just a functional product but as something that can add style to their home. As well as achieving top energy rated windows, sealed unit manufacturers and window fabricators can now offer aesthetically pleasing windows too. In tune with the times, Swisspacer’s leading warm edge technology is available in a wide variety of colour options so the spacer bar perfectly matches the colour of the frame.

Swisspacer offers a range of 17 colours from stock. White, Black and Titan Grey are available as standard, but Swisspacer also comes in Sulphur Yellow, Grass Green, Sapphire Blue, Light Brown, Light Grey, Beige and Red Brown for example. The matt finish of Swisspacer means there are no reflections on the spacer bar. Swisspacer’s Georgian Bar, ‘Vienna’, can also be made to match the same colour as the profile.

Swisspacer’s Managing Director Matthias Meissner says: “Other sealed unit suppliers only manufacture their warm edge solution in limited colours such as black and grey, with perhaps a pastel or two on special order. Feedback from our customers tells us that being able to make sealed units and windows with matching profile and spacer bars is increasingly important. Using Swisspacer means windows are energy efficient, and specifiers’ and homeowners’ style and design demands are satisfied too. In a weaker, more competitive market this can make all the difference between winning and losing the sale.”