Independent glass processor Darby Glass (Scotland) has selected Swisspacer’s leading warm edge spacer bar for use in its high performance sealed units. Currently 20% of the sealed units the North Ayrshire company manufactures incorporate Swisspacer V.

Managing Director June Smith says: “Awareness of Window Energy Ratings (WERs) is growing. As customers see the benefits of using Swisspacer sealed units demand is steadily increasing and our customers are achieving a full suite of ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ energy rated windows.”

Darby Glass (Scotland) started using Swisspacer V when June took up her new position of MD within the restructured company in April. June continues: “We chose Swisspacer as our warm edge spacer because it has superb thermal performance. And it matches the external dimensions of traditional aluminium spacer bars so we can use our existing machinery. This meant we didn’t have to buy expensive specialist machines or be tied to a particular warm edge supplier. It’s easy to handle too so it meant little change to our production line.

“Swisspacer is a well proven warm edge solution – we haven’t found another warm edge product which compares to it. We endeavour to provide our customers with the best solutions. In order for us to be the best in our field, we need to have confidence that our suppliers are also the best in their field. Swisspacer is definitely best in class.”