As demand for energy efficient products increases leading trade fabricator Sash UK is offering its latest ‘A’ rated window as a standard product. The Barnsley-based company has chosen Swisspacer V, the leading warm edge spacer bar, for its improved ‘A’ rated casement. It is buying-in sealed units from Pilkington and chose Swisspacer V because it offers vastly improved thermal performance.

Sash UK’s latest ‘A’ rated window uses Pilkington OptithermTM S4, Pilkington OptiwhiteTM, Swisspacer V and argon gas filling.

Sash UK’s Sales Director Greg Kane comments: “The characteristics of Swisspacer V suit the glass we use and has resulted in an improved ‘A’ rating. Our previous ‘A’ rating was triple glazed making it more expensive. We wanted to open up the market for ‘A’ rated windows by making them more affordable. Using sealed units with Swisspacer V was the only way we could achieve this.”

Greg continues: “Forty percent of the frames we produce have Window Energy Ratings and we see this growing. Seven months ago Window Energy Ratings only accounted for 5% of the frames we produced. Sash UK is leading the UK market by giving our customers products which help them sell. We’ve already received orders from our biggest customers for our new ‘A’ rating and they’re delighted with it. It has even better performance and it helps them sell the benefits of ‘A’ rated windows to homeowners.”