One of the largest independent IGU manufacturers, Uniglaze2 (East Anglia) Ltd, has been using Swisspacer V successfully for a year. The company, which has the capacity to produce 25,000 units a week at its purpose-built manufacturing facility near Norwich, uses Swisspacer V as its sole warm-edge spacer. It helps Uniglaze2 manufacture top-performing sealed units, which are distributed to fabricators across the South East, East Anglia, Lincolnshire and the Midlands.

Sales director John Kadzionis said: “We looked at the various spacer bars on the market. But we needed a warm-edge solution that didn’t cause disruption to our production lines. Swisspacer units are just as easy to manufacture as units incorporating normal aluminium bars and we can use our existing machinery.

“We use Swisspacer V when customers need high-performance sealed units that help them achieve window energy ratings (WERs). Such is the growth of the scheme, we predict that sales of sealed units using Swisspacer V will increase significantly as more window companies start selling the benefits of energy-efficient windows. Swisspacer V is the right choice of warm-edge solution for Uniglaze2.”