Specialist IGU manufacturer, Clayton Glass, is using Swisspacer V for its high performance sealed unit EnergiMAX. The County Durham based company, which supplies sealed units to fabricators from Scotland to the Midlands and manufactures 12,000 sealed units a week, has been using Swisspacer’s leading warm edge solution for 18 months. It opted to manufacture warm edge units with Swisspacer because of its versatility and ease of manufacture.

Commercial director, Jason McCabe, said: “Swisspacer’s thermal performance and structural integrity is excellent, it’s easy to manufacture sealed units with it and it also costs less in terms of labour compared to other warm edge products. With EnergiMAX we bring together the best spacer and glass technologies available to us and manufacture them into a flagship brand. The combination of Swisspacer V, argon, Planitherm Total and low iron, has helped many of our customers achieve the ‘A’ rated window they desire.

“Due to increasing demand for the highest performing windows, we’re seeing growth in orders for EnergiMAX. As awareness grows, we see this trend continuing. Providing top performing sealed units is extremely important to Clayton Glass – it’s the biggest differentiator against the competition. Using Swisspacer allows us to offer the best performing products to the top end of the market.”