Scotland’s market leading sealed unit manufacturer Supaseal has opted for Swisspacer V as its warm edge solution due to customer demand. The Glasgow-based company chose Swisspacer’s top-performing spacer bar after carefully evaluating all the warm edge options on the market.

“After careful consideration we were drawn to Swisspacer V because it’s a structural warm edge spacer system and it is what our customers prefer. The vast majority are not comfortable with any of the substitute products and demand a rigid spacer bar,” comments Supaseal’s Managing Director Alex Gray.

“It is also a product which can achieve an ‘A’ rating when the PVC-U profile is fully reinforced. Our experience shows us that other warm edge products only achieve the highest ratings when they are partially reinforced. In Central Scotland there is a greater demand for fully reinforced windows as they provide homeowners with extra security.”

As well as Swisspacer V’s energy saving performance and extensive colour choice, it needs no special machinery or huge capital investment. These were key considerations for Supaseal. Alex continues: “Because of Swisspacer’s similar shape and dimensions to aluminium spacer bars we haven’t had to invest in expensive unproven machinery to start manufacturing the highest rated units. During our evaluation process we visited several fellow manufacturers who had made the investment but then discovered that they were unable to persuade customers to accept unconventional products.

“We’ve been able to use our existing machinery and in doing so avoid the high cost penalty that comes with using some of the alternatives to spacer bar. Swisspacer can also be colour matched to the profile. The end result is an aesthetically pleasing window with a bona fide spacer bar which has the highest performance.”

All of Supaseal’s glazing systems are branded with the Saveheat registered trademark. Alex adds: “Adding Swisspacer to our portfolio further enhances our Saveheat range of energy efficient glazing systems. It means we have a Saveheat option to suit all of our customers’ requirements.”