Leading warm edge supplier, Swisspacer, is helping window fabricators to get the best energy ratings with its latest version of Caluwin. The high-tech computer software programme quickly calculates the U-value (Uw value) of windows and facades.

Using the software, Swisspacer customers can see what combination of frame, glass, gas filling and spacer achieves the best U-values and how they can improve it. The calculations are based on the latest standards, glass data and technical specifications available, so the results are accurate and up-to-date. Swisspacer has worked closely with independent laboratories to develop the software.

Another popular feature is the condensation calculator. This allows the user to compare the condensation points of different window configurations. It makes a big difference, particularly in the UK and Irish climates, if condensation starts to form at around freezing point, or if it only starts to form at temperatures of –10°C or below.

Swisspacer’s sales and marketing manager, Peter Appel, comments: “Providing customers with free computer software is a part of our commitment to helping them achieve the highest standards of thermal performance from their windows. Achieving the highest ratings means our customers can offer homeowners the most thermally efficient windows so their homes are warm, comfort is increased and fuel bills are lower.”