Swisspacer V, the highest performing spacer bar in the UK, has become an integral component of sealed unit manufacturer Solaglas’ EcoClear® – one of the most technically advanced glazing solutions on the market. The company has been using Swisspacer for over eight years at several of its DGU manufacturing plants.

Solaglas chose Swisspacer because it offers the best warm edge performance on the market. By doing its own comparisons of different warm edge products, Solaglas found that Swisspacer V offered the best solution in terms of thermal performance, accreditation, U-value and aesthetics. With Swisspacer V, Solaglas achieves EN1279 part two, a necessary accreditation for all sealed unit manufacturers, and EN1279 part three, essential accreditation for manufacturing gas filled sealed units and required for the highest Window Energy Rated windows.

Using EcoClear double glazed units, window fabricators can easily achieve the best Window Energy Ratings. EcoClear is a cost-effective solution to getting a ‘C’ rated window because there is no additional requirement for expensive low-iron glass. An ‘A’ rating can be achieved, also with an EcoClear double glazed unit, using SGG Diamant low iron, extra-clear glass, Swisspacer V, argon gas and the new SGG Planitherm Total high-performance low-e glass.

Solaglas’ market manager, Matthew Kirby, says: “With energy saving at the top of homeowners’ agendas, providing our customers with products to meet their needs and the needs of their customers is very important. EcoClear is designed to provide the best energy efficient sealed unit on the market and Swisspacer V is the highest performing warm edge spacer.”

He continued: “When we looked at which spacer bar to use in EcoClear, we had four criteria. Swisspacer ticked all the boxes. It means we’re able to offer our customers a sealed unit, which achieves the highest Window Energy Ratings. This means they can increase their sales by offering the best performing windows to energy conscious homeowners.”