A global leader in architectural revolving doors and security entrance systems, Boon Edam, is expanding its Australian operations through a partnership with the leading Australian-owned automatic door manufacturer Auto Ingress.

Boon Edam Australia Managing Director, Mr Michal Fisher, says the two companies will partner nationally in the sales, installation, maintenance and retrofit of the entry technologies of Boon Edam, which has dozens of Fortune 500 companies among its global clients, including some of the world’s largest firms.

Major benefits of the partnership include:

  • Expanded availability of 24/7 service and maintenance agreements for existing, new and retrofit installations of Boon Edam technologies in public and private facilities, including office buildings, data centres, airports, healthcare facilities, shopping centres and retail outlets, major hotels, restaurants and national attractions visited by millions of people a year
  • A greater range of choices throughout Australia of world-class architectural entrance and security solutions from Boon Edam, drawing on its 140 years of global experience and now distributed in partnership with market leader Auto Ingress, which has more than 20,000 installations nationally and in export markets. Auto Ingress has more than 20 years’ experience in automatic door operations to suit extremely busy entrances to facilities such as shopping centres, hospitals, universities and other major publicly accessible facilities
  • Greater on-the-ground expertise to benefit both existing and new clients of both companies, throughout Australia. Auto Ingress’ local capabilities complemented by Boon Edam’s local expertise and direct links globally to advanced entrances solutions. Boon Edam’s solutions are focused on architects, builders, facility managers, property owners, new project developers and specifiers seeking entrances solutions which harmonise aesthetics with entry solutions that reflect the importance of facility entries as mobility hotspots in today’s security-conscious world

“The partnership of Auto Ingress’ local expertise and service with Boon Edam’s global leadership is a major advantage for clients of both companies,” said Mr Fisher, who is expanding Boon Edam’s presence in Australasia with a team that includes locally-based facility design, security and maintenance personnel operating nationally.

Auto Ingress has a highly complementary quality ethos, being dedicated to achieving market leadership through products that are extremely reliable, quality manufactured to stringent ISO 9001-2000 conditions, are low maintenance, economical to install, aesthetically pleasing and supported by market-leading warranties.

Auto Ingress, with its own broad network of technicians, has secured long-term relationships with many local and regional contractors, ensuring prompt, reliable service to Australian metropolitan and regional areas 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Auto Ingress Director Rob Jessen says the partnership offers major benefits to customers: “Boon Edam is the world No. 1 in architectural revolving doors and way up there also in security doors. Their top quality products and outstanding service standards ideally complement Auto Ingress’ product and service range.”

Boon Edam Australia provides local expertise and direct access to its global experience in tailoring to quality entrance systems to manage issues ranging from architectural presentation, energy conservation and HVAC issues, through to protecting sensitive facilities and precincts against unauthorised access by unwanted visitors posing threats to physical and cybersecurity.