White Hills Stones, and partner GIP Fassaden, have launched their ventilated façade system, VECO®-STARC®. The product combines façade cladding in various stone and brick optics with aluminium or stainless steel profiles and substructures.

STARC stone veneers are made of high quality white cement, silica sand (Quarzitsand) and titan-oxide colour pigments. They are UV and frost resistant, weatherproof, withstand extreme cold (and heat) and are non-flammable. Long-term durability of stones is also guaranteed by low water absorption.

An easy, quick and weather-independent installation guaranteed by a special rail construction and the specially interlocked system stones allows 24 hours a day, seven days a week and year-round assembly. Every single stone of the finished façade can be removed and reinstalled quickly and easily for maintenance purposes or subsequent installations, regardless of its position on the façade.

At this moment there are six stone collections with various surfaces with up to eight colours respectively available with the new collections already in a production.