Spanish SF-Shareholder Breinco Unveils New ELEMENTS Product Line

Breinco has unveiled ELEMENTS, its ultra-modern street furniture for public spaces. Guests were wowed by an impressive exhibition of creative concrete products designed to appeal to all the senses.

Taking centre stage was the company’s new ELEMENTS product line, featuring urban and landscaping elements designed to make a refreshing new mark on the contemporary urban living environment.

Featuring elements such as seats, LED lamps, planter boxes and much more, the new line was conceived to appeal to a new, future-oriented customer base through coordinated innovative design using environmentally friendly materials, special colours and surface finishes.

With its ELEMENTS line, Breinco is offering top-quality urban furniture with an emotional and functional appeal, which sends out clear signals about what will be achievable using concrete as a material in years to come.

All the exhibited items can be purchased from Breinco for commercial sale.