Specifiers looking for a premium smooth paint masonry system can now refer to a series of webfilms exploring the time-proven qualities of Sandtex Trade X-treme X-posure™.

Three short and informative videos are now located at Sandtex Trade’s YouTube channel highlighting the product’s outstanding performance qualities.

Sandtex Trade has also made the films available through the high technology QR code system which enables smart phone users to scan and view the films through widely-used downloadable applications.

The videos focus on a short introduction to X-treme X-posure illustrating the product’s ultra-protective features – including protection against acid rain, snow and frost, damaging UV rays, atmospheric pollutions and adverse weather conditions, as well as sea and salt spray.

Viewers will also see firsthand how X-treme X-posure is ensuring Happisburgh Lighthouse, located in one of the UK’s most exposed and challenging locations, is still looking good and maintaining its colour almost two years after the product was applied in red bands on the landmark Norfolk building.

Finally, viewers are taken on a tour of the Sandtex Trade laboratory to see how X-treme X-posure undergoes a challenging testing regime to ensure the product’s formulation stands the test of time.

X-treme X-posure, which holds the BBA page of certification for 15 years proven durability, undergoes a comprehensive regime including long term field tests, which expose the product to everything that the British climate can inflict on it, as well as accelerated weathering techniques in the labs.

Liz Bowater, Sandtex Brand Manager, said: “X-treme X-posure has a great story to tell and these videos give specifiers a compelling insight into its unique features and a greater understanding of the product’s wide-ranging benefits overall.”

As well as being viewed at and via QR codes on smart phones, the videos are also available as a DVD, which can be ordered directly from Sandtex Trade.