Sandtex Trade has rebranded its premium smooth masonry paint system to reinforce the product’s outstanding performance qualities – designed to preserve and protect buildings across the UK.

High X-posure smooth masonry paint is now called Sandtex Trade X-treme X-posure™ to signpost specifiers – including architects, social housing and heritage professionals – to the product’s ultra-protective features.

Supported by dramatic new imagery of a storm-ravaged lighthouse, the new branding clearly depicts the extreme level of weather protection provided by the coating and its suitability for the nation’s most exposed and challenging locations.

X-treme X-posure’s™ time-proven, trusted formula offers protection against acid rain, snow and frost, damaging UV rays, atmospheric pollutions and adverse weather conditions, as well as sea and salt spray.

It includes anti-carbonation properties to protect concrete, a hydrophobic formulation that provides a highly water resistance finish that enables dirt to wash away and added algaecides and fungicides to resist unsightly algae and mould growth.

A moisture vapour permeable coating also allows walls to breathe and a highly flexible coating keeps hairline cracks covered.

These features provide X-treme X-posure™ with the unique qualities to support a wide-range of environments. Its ability to cope with smog, pollution and traffic fumes makes it the ideal choice for urban dwellings, while its attractive finish offers style and substance for new buildings such as housing, schools and hospitals.

In the social housing sector and high rise flats, the product’s longevity ensures tenant satisfaction and maximises extended maintenance cycles – while coastal properties or rural buildings where external render is open to attack from wind-driven rain are afforded maximum protection.

Liz Bowater, Sandtex Brand Manager, said: “We’ve taken the unusual step of renaming and relaunching one of the most well established products in the Sandtex Trade range because we believe we may have been underselling its exceptional features and benefits until now.

X-treme X-posure™ – which holds the BBA page of certification for 15 years’ proven durability – undergoes extensive tests, including exposure to accelerated weathering techniques in laboratories, where it is tested against extremes of temperature, humidity and UV radiation.

“The new name, X-treme X-posure should leave no-one in any doubt that this is the product to specify and apply whenever you need the best possible weather and climate protection, long-lasting decorative benefits and the most effective resistance to dirt and pollution.”

Immediate transformation is assured with a wide range of ready mixed shades available, plus Brilliant White, and a further 640 tinted colours to choose from in the Sandtex Trade Colour Coach® collection.