The Birmingham NEC has completed the first of many stages focusing on the redevelopment of the existing arena, transforming the UK’s number one exhibition venue. The work sees an extension of the existing building to form a new landmark main entrance hall which leads into the arena.

Due to the nature of the exhibition centre, a strict time scale was put in place to limit disruption to the scheduled events. A roofing solution covering 7,500m2 was needed that allowed for quick installation, as well as enabling successful interfacing with the existing metal roof. An internal guttering system from a previous extension also needed accommodating within the roof’s structure.

Protan’s SE 1.2 Standard Overlap System provided the best solution for the project due to its combination of flexibility and durability. The membrane allowed for quick installation, reducing both the time on site and the disruption caused by the redevelopment. The membrane was easily molded to make allowances for the internal guttering and existing features within the roofing structure, whilst ensuring the roof remained watertight. This mechanically fixed system has durability in excess of 30years and is fully recyclable at the end of its life-cycle as no adhesives or glues are used.

Protan’s Partner Contractor Torclad, a leading East Midlands design-led roofing and cladding subcontractor, also had to provide a bespoke cladding solution which addressed the compound curvature of the feature tower. Torclad’s Archifab rain screen panel system enabled quick installation because of its fast framing capability.

Working in partnership with Torclad, Protan’s Head of Technical Services, Ian Thompson was delighted with the swift and trouble-free installation.