Protan (UK) Ltd launched its new turf roof system for the UK at Ecobuild in March.

Far removed from the normal extensive sedum systems traditionally found in the UK, this system has been used in Scandinavia for centuries and has been installed by Protan for more than 30 years.

Ideal for commercial and residential applications where integration of local bio-diversity is required, the PROGREEN turf roof utilises a bio-diverse planting scheme made up of species native to the UK, allowing rural buildings to blend into their natural surroundings or soften the urban landscape.

The installation of the growing medium in hessian sacks installed like brickwork up the slope makes this one of the simplest green roofs to install, particularly on pitched roofs, a unique feature of this system. Turf roofs can be installed on almost all roof pitches, with drainage layers unnecessary on pitches in excess of 12°.

It also offers:

  • Additional sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) benefits with almost 200mm of living material
  • Local bio-diversity benefits
  • The wildflower turf can survive in extreme conditions
  • Cost-effective due to the simple method of installation
  • Increased thermal and acoustic benefits

James Talman, CEO, said: “The benefits of some traditional extensive sedum systems to a building’s performance and environmental merit are questionable due to the thickness of these systems. Turf roofs, on the other hand, have withstood the test of time and continue to be used around Europe due to the increased benefits they offer.”