Kebony AS, the ground-breaking Norwegian company offering a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, has been named as one of the top 50 fastest growing clean technology companies in the 2012 Cleantech Connect awards.

Judged by an independent panel of 19 Cleantech professionals, industry experts and investors, the awards feature pioneering companies at the forefront of environmental and sustainable innovation. The awards sought to showcase the newest and fastest growing Cleantech companies in Europe exhibiting the most exceptional potential, such as Kebony.

Kebony, founded in 1997, is a cutting-edge Norwegian company offering an award winning alternative to tropical hardwood and toxic-treated wood. Through the environmentally-friendly process of ‘Kebonization’, sustainable wood species are transformed into Kebony, which has comparable if not superior properties to that of tropical hardwood.

This new wood has been used by a number of world-leading architects, designers and developers through applications including yacht decking, flooring, cladding, roofing and interior & outdoor furniture.

The most recent project involved students from three of Norway’s most prestigious architecture and design schools working with Kebony and TreStykker 2012 to create a new and unique landmark on Oslo’s stunning waterfront: the Kebony Boat House.

In being named as one of the top 50 fastest growing clean technology companies, Kebony have demonstrated their phenomenal innovation and success, marking them as an up-and-coming ‘one to watch’ company. The nomination highlights their profound contribution to not only the construction, property and design industries, but also wider environmental initiatives.

Kebony has an excellent track record of securing awards across clean technology, architecture & design and enterprise & innovation. These include the ‘fast 50 award’ from Deloitte, Global Cleantech Top 100 in 2010 and 2011, and a ‘top 25 creative European Company’ title.

Kebony has also received the Nordic eco-label, the Swan, the Glass Bear for sustainable production and the Norwegian Blue Ocean award. Other recent awards include the Home Building and Renovating Product Excellence award, the 2012 Best Business award and the International Green award.

Jan Terje Nielsen, Marketing Director at Kebony commented: "We are delighted to be once again named in the Cleantech Connect top 50. These awards recognise innovation which forms the bases of the Kebony product and the wider success of the company."