Lower Austria’s first commercial office building, which produces more energy than it consumes, officially opened mid-June 2014, after only 14 months of construction. The current photovoltaic system with 50kW peak power produces more clean electricity than the building itself needed.

Part of it was implemented with photovoltaic shading devices of ertex solar. The 73 BIPV modules were mounted on the facade very elegant with a point fixing solution. By the special edge treatment and the adaption to the special building geometry, the plant looks very aesthetic. With an installed capacity of 15.4kWp on an area of 144m², the so-called ‘brise solei’ takes up approximately 30% of the total PV installation.

In addition to energy production, the ertex solar panels provide solar control. The adjustment of the panels was calculated by simulation so that either the sun enter the building for heating during winter or the building is shaded to reduce the cooling load in summer.

"What pleases me personally on the modules is this double energy production and shading function," says Georg Hartmann who is responsible for project development in Windkraft Simonsfeld.

"The simulation made it possible to retrieve every day of the year with respect to possible position of the sun or the solar radiation. So the work environment, even in very hot weather, remains pleasant without an overload of the air conditioning system."

The solar thermal system and a heat pump provide heating. The cooling in the summer months ensures a sophisticated ventilation system, in combination with deep water fed from the cooling water circuit.

Responsible for the planning was the Viennese architecture firm Reinberg, which now also sets new architectural standards with the new corporate headquarters of Simonfeld.

The wind power provided by Simonsfeld has proven that it is a model company with regards to energy policy and climate protection not only for their general commercial business field, but also with the new office location.

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