Elval Colour has developed a remarkable anti-graffiti coating for its etalbond® composite panels, and ELVAL ENF™ solid façade sheets.

Removing unsightly graffiti from facades, cladding or corporate signage can be time-consuming and expensive, while the process can often damage the building or bleach away colour. Elval Colour’s ‘Agraphon®’ coating system has been designed to combat spray-paint vandalism by stopping the paint from sticking to a building’s surface.

Agraphon® is a transparent, nanotechnology-based coating that blocks the bonding of paint molecules to any treated surface. It won’t stop vandals defacing exterior surfaces, but it does make graffiti easy to remove.

So much so that the graffiti can be removed with non-hazardous removers. All that’s required is a mild alcohol mixture, a soft microfibre pad and / or a high-pressure water sprayer. Because paint never sticks to a surface coated with Agraphon®, there is also no shadowing or ghosting. The original colour and texture of the surface remain intact.

Elval Colour offers a wide colour range of PE, PU, VHDPE, VHDPU, PVDF and Lumiflon Agraphon® coatings to protect buildings against graffiti. Surfaces treated with Agraphon® are easy to maintain and offer higher weathering and UV resistance.
A leader in product quality and service, Elval Colour offers a complete range of products and solutions for building envelope applications. From orofe® coated aluminium coils and sheets for roofing, YDORAL® rain gutters, to ELVAL ENF™ solid façade cladding and etalbond® Aluminium Composite panels. Elval Colour is a member of the European Aluminium Association and the European Coil Coating Association.

The Agraphon® coating system is available today. For more information, contact Elval Colour.