Coated aluminium composite panels etalbond® in grey and white tones of colours, arches with true anodised and perforations with interior lighting. These were the elements that the visitors were excited about at Elval Color booth in BATIMAT exhibition in Paris.

The concept of the stand referred to the work that was recently completed in the Lanester region of France. The Quai9 cultural center was fully covered with etalbond®, in white Acropolis White. The panels are perforated and allow the natural daylight to enter the interior of the building, giving a unique aesthetic and atmosphere.

The white colour on the booth’s arches in combination with the anodised interior surfaces added a trendy tone in design and were the most suitable ‘background’ elements for the area where the meetings took place between the commercial team and technical executives of Elval Colour and the guests.

Elval Colour also introduced the new innovative aluminum coatings with 40-year warranty. One of the main goals of Elval Colour is continuous research, development of its products and the creation of new innovative ideas. The company also cares for the environment and the sustainability of the buildings. New coatings in addition to their durability have also a range of colours and effects that definitely correspond to the company’s slogan, the power of imagination and creativity in architectural design.