Since as early as December 2010, the protecting roof over large areas of the spectator stands (approximately 6,000m²) was missing at Schalke. Heavy snowfalls had caused several roof membranes to crack.

Meanwhile Ceno Tec replaced the seven destroyed roof membranes. Step by step the other roofs will also be replaced. The Schalke people lost confidence in the material installed by the initial roof manufacturer and had the entire roof around the stand renewed.

To date the stadium has been provided with a glass fabric with PTFE coating. This material is extremely sensitive to kinking and movements fanned by the wind, which can scarcely be avoided due to the relatively flat roof shape in the case of the Schalke arena. The polyester woven fabric now being used has greater reserves of strength (approximately 30% more strength) and is largely immune to movement stressing.

The roof upgrading contract by Ceno Tec is implemented in four steps without interrupting play:

In the first building section the seven destroyed areas have already been re-newed.

In the second building section the first seven areas will be provided again with the inside membrane and renewed. In the case of this inside membrane, it involves a membrane covering which improves the acoustics. For this, the glass-PTFE acoustic material, which has been employed until now, will be used.

In the third building section, which will probably begin in 2011, the further 13 straight control areas will be replaced. This is implemented so that the undamaged inside acoustic membranes are still maintained. CENO-TEC has generated a significant economic advantage with the development of this retention concept for the Veltins Arena.

The fourth building section includes the renewal of the 20 corner regions. It will begin on completion of the work for the third building section in early summer 2012, however, it can be postponed to the year 2013 if necessary.

The entire conversion / renewal concept is aligned so that the planned events can be also be carried out during the building phase without impairment. In good time before every event, corresponding all-embracing safeguards will be put in place and the installation areas and building aid resources in the area of the stands and also in the external area will be dismantled.