Arval, the ArcelorMittal brand specialising in steel solutions for facades, roofs and floors has introduced EVOS, a new cladding system that offers architects and investors customised design options. The new concept is based on a simple base profile with click-on coverplates in different shapes and colours that can be used to reversibly and almost infinitely vary the facade design.

Proven technology enhanced with simple resources

EVOS is based on a slightly modified, self-supporting steel trapezoidal profile made from galvanised and coated strip steel with a thickness of 0.75mm and a building width of 900mm. Metal coverplates are then attached to this special rolled steel profile with a maximum span width of 9m. The plates are fixed in place by being clipped into the specially-designed stainless steel clips, which are directly attached to the substructure together with the base profile. All attachment points are shielded by the coverplates.

Four different coverplate shapes and over 100 colours

Of the four standard coverplate shapes, three have been designed with symmetrical cross sections: either as a flat or raised isosceles triangle or as a circular segment. The fourth coverplate has the cross-section shape of a right-angled triangle with an asymmetry that can create interesting aesthetic effects when viewed from different perspectives. Further freely definable coverplates can also be used, which can be created from different materials. When developing coverplates in line with particular specifications, the ARVAL consultants will gladly provide support. In addition to the freely combinable shapes of the coverplates, it is also possible to vary the system’s colour. To this end, the base profile comes in all 100 colours of the Colorissme range. Further colour nuances can also be created for the coverplates on request.

By selecting the right coverplates and colours, the system components can be combined to form a highly customised solution. Thanks to the simple attachment of the coverplates, EVOS can also be used to quickly and dramatically change the look of a facade by simply replacing the plates without in any way influencing the functionality of the outer shell. With EVOS, innovative architecture knows no bounds – the differentiable, imaginative architectural solutions that are so loved by building owners have free rule.

Patented anti-theft and fall protection

Simple attachment using a clip-in system means that EVOS offers maximum protection against both theft and falling. The patented system provides guaranteed resistance against storms and other possible causes of damage such as theft and detachment. Once attached, a small metal plate can be inserted to lock the coverplate clip and prevent it from being pressed together again. This technology is both simple and effective.

Combination with steel cladding systems

EVOS can be used as a standalone system during building renovations or in combination with a thermally insulated steel cladding system from Arval’s Global Wall range. When used in this way, EVOS fulfils acoustic and thermal requirements with the lowest U values of 0.18W / m2K as a double-shell system, ensuring that it complies with the latest standards in the new-build and renovation sectors. Its technical performance and versatile and flexible design options make the EVOS system a real eye-catcher in today’s highly standardised industrial environments.