larson® Mirror will be part of the hallmarks of green building 8 Tallet, located in the modern and emerging neighbourhood of Ørestad in Copenhagen, located only 12 minutes from downtown.

Designed by Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), this unique figure of eight shaped building erected in a small neighbourhood with 62,000m² surface area, contains 476 apartments, some with private gardens and a shopping centre on the ground floor. These features make this complex the largest in Denmark dedicated to residential purposes and also that of the highest proportions of ecological criteria designed in the country.

Its magnificent green roof and its particular orientation are designed to make the most of and optimise from an energy standpoint, the hours of daylight.

The larson® Mirror panel with a mirror finish exterior has been selected for use on exterior apartment balconies. This aluminium panel is part of the range of larson specials®, which provides unique finishes, designed for projects that seek to individualise the facades where they are located.

Applied in metal enclosures, these panels break the range of standard colours and finishes. Specifically, the product used in the 8 Tallet complex was larson® PE 403 Mirror external. Due to its spectacularity, the 8 Tallet Project was the subject of a full report in the architecture magazine ‘The Plan’ which detailed all its technical aspects as well as the reference to companies involved in its construction including ALUCOIL.