Now more then ever, creative and artistic visions of successful architects and designers require innovative and striking construction materials. Alcan Composites has accommodated this desire, through the launch of its Spectra and natural colour series.

Through continued innovation, we are now pleased to enlarge our creative colour range, and announce the introduction of the new and exciting ALUCOBOND® Wood Design colours.

The ALUCOBOND® Wood Design range comes in five realistic wood colours, which radiate that natural beauty of wood, without the discolouration and decay that real wood inevitably endures. ALUCOBOND® Wood Design utilises the same trusted formula of ALUCOBOND® standard colours, which have proven themselves over the last 40 years. This means superb wood-look cladding with extraordinary flatness and rigidity, exceptional formability, low weight, superior weather resistance and easy cleaning.

The ALUCOBOND® Wood Design range gained inspiration from the natural beauty of wood and transformed it into a user-friendly, flexible aluminium composite panel. It eliminates the poorer qualities of wood, such as flammability, aging, weathering and shrinkage, whilst still providing all of ALUCOBOND®’s proven qualities. The use of a high quality paint system in a continuous coil-coating process ensures the Wood Design range emulates a beautiful wood pattern, which is not compromised for decades.

The ALUCOBOND® Wood Design range is available in PE, plus and A2 core materials for enhanced fire safety and is fully recyclable, making it the smarter, safer and more natural choice for cladding.