Throughout history, mankind has had an enduring appreciation of
colour. Colour conveys emotion – it inspires and motivates.

Now, colour has evolved.

ALUCOBOND® spectra colours celebrate the natural colour shifts that occur in everyday life; the subtle nuances and colour contrasts found in nature, the glowing lustre of modern metals and the colour shifts found in today’s luxury goods.

Colour adds personality and drama to the world; ALUCOBOND® spectra colours add personality to architectural design. ALUCOBOND® spectra colours operate on the same principles as natural colour shifting surfaces. Depending on the pigment type and viewing angle, different wavelengths of light are reflected back at the user, resulting in an ever-changing colour gradient with iridescent highlights.

With ALUCOBOND® spectra colours, architects can create a truly memorable experience that will leave a lasting impression. The use of high quality fluorocarbon paint systems applied in a continuous coil-coating process ensures that the original design is not compromised. ALUCOBOND® spectra colours can be applied on ALUCOBOND®, ALUCOBOND® plus and ALUCOBOND® A2.

To give users greater choice and variety, ALUCOBOND® spectra colours are available in three colour schemes: natural inspiration, warm metal and new luxury.

ALUCOBOND® spectra colours have been well received by customers since the range was launched in summer 2007. At the Batimat trade show in Paris in November 2007 the product prompted an extremely positive response from visitors to the show. Alcan’s 100 square metre stand, clad with ALUCOBOND® natural and ALUCOBOND® spectra colours, was very eye-catching, underlining the transforming power of colour.

Spectra colours. The human fascination with colour and its
various effects is well known and ongoing. Now a high-quality palette of colourful cladding is sparking new interest.