Redworth Hall’s problems were highlighted when Soundceilings UK was invited to speak and demonstrate the Sound Ceiling at a noise awareness convention in Darlington.

Following a consultation with the manager of Redworth Hall, part of the Barcelo Hotel group, it very quickly became obvious that Sound Ceilings UK could provide a solution.

The Great Hall, which dates back over 250 years, is used primarily as a function room for weddings and similar occasions. Situated on the side of Redworth Hall and with very large single pane windows facing Redworth village, noise complaints had become a regular occurrence.

As a Grade 1 listed building soundproofing and any other major structural changes had been immediately ruled out, this meant that any work carried out had to be with approval from the local planning conservation authority.

The project entailed installing three groups of 12, totalling 36 Sound Ceiling tiles, into the wooden bays already present in the building. To make things interesting, under instruction from conservation planning, the tiles must be disguised to look like the ornate blue and yellow starred ceiling decoration displayed throughout.

After installation Redworth has been left with a complete audio package providing amplification, processing and speaker system for any DJ or band playing at the venue, all plugging into the same XLR connection point. This means that without having an attendant at each event, management can be confident sound levels will not be exceeded, leaving the entertainment inaudible throughout Redworth village.

As requested each of the speaker groupings were covered with an acoustically transparent material that had a high quality photographic print of the original ceiling decoration.