Hotsnow, the fast-growing 3D rendering company in Helsinki, Finland, has extended her services to designing virtual reality (VR) solutions for the real estate industry. The Virtual reality solution will come in a software package for real estate firms to use on-the-go with a laptop and a VR viewing gear. There will also be stand-alone models that firms can put in their offices for visiting customers. Thus, buyers can have a virtual feel of property listings without visiting such property.

“Hotsnow’s VR software solution for real estate firms will allow customers of real estate firms to choose interior solutions for apartments in real time and visualize how different items will look without even leaving their homes,” said Igor Polyakov, CEO/Manager Director, Hotsnow Finland.

“As the VR technology trend continues to move fast in the real estate industry, we’re poised at maximizing our abundant experience in 3D rendering technology to offer high-quality and cost-effective VR solutions to real estate firms.”

The VR project for the real estate firms promises to be a cost-effective solution that realtors can offer to their buyers to eliminate the cost of visiting numerous real estate listings before picking any of interest.

“Its operation is simple. It allows you to take the property you have on listing to your customers to have an in-and-out view and feel rather than having them come over to the property” Igor said.

“Buyers don’t have to visit several available listings. With your VR software and a viewing gear, they can have a firsthand examination of your property listing and streamline their choice to one or two that they may truly need to visit before purchase.”

Will Hotsnow™ be able to meet the market’s demand?

As a known expert in quality 3D rendering services for Architects, property developers and construction business persons, Igor gave an assurance for his company’s involvement in helping real estate firms to design this solution:

“We have a strong VR team ready to develop this application on demand with the high quality, at an attractive rate, and on time.”

“We’ve successfully executed two cutting-edge projects to this regard, and we’re prepared to set the pace both in unparalleled quality and competitive pricing in designing this VR solution for real estate firms in Finland and beyond.”