How Hotsnow continues to lead the Finnish 3D Rendering Market

Known for its praiseworthiness in providing high quality graphical and branding solutions to organisations and businesses, Hotsnow has continued to expand its reach with leading market innovations in the area of 3D visualisation services in recent times.

The photorealistic 3D rendering for the soon-to-begin renovation project of the Suomen Chabad Lubavitch House is one of hotsnow’s most recent masterpiece.

The Chabad Lubavitch House rendering is an exterior and interior 3D visualisation project for the historic building renovation of Suomen Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish religious organisation located in Helsinki, Finland. The project was done with high precision to match with the specific requirements detailed by the religious client.

Areas such as dress code, kitchen facilities, colour patterns, designs and styles where all inclusive in making sure that the new masterpiece will only look modern but still reflect the life and feel of what the house was known for.

“Our team has created the brilliant visuals to be in strict compliance with the plenty of requirements detailed by the authority for whom the project was done,” said the lead designer at Hotsnow. “Also, being satisfied with our work, both the clients and official authorities accepted the projects, and it has such been passed to production.”

While this is a noteworthy mark of service excellence, the Hotsnow 3D rendering team is readily prepared to offer more 3D visualisation solutions for meeting the needs of businesses and organisations both in Finland and abroad.