Hotsnow Finland, the Finnish 3D rendering firm, has announced that its scanned 3D models are now available for the public to view and download on the Sketchfab marketplace.

Sketchfab is an online platform for displaying and sharing 3D content over the internet. The company behind it was launched in France and is based in Paris and New York City today. It provides a 3D model viewer based on the WebGL technology that allows the displaying of 3D models on any mobile, desktop webpage or VR headset.

Igor Polyakov, Managing Partner at Hotsnow Finland: “We’re happy that our clients can now see our 3D content on the Internet easily and fast. Beyond showcasing the brilliance of our work, this development makes our models easier to be purchased.

“We’re committed to doing more and saturating the marketplace with 3D creations that are tailored to meet the needs of businesses, museums, educational institutions and more.”