US Mining Expertise to Benefit Canadian Mines as Carroll Technologies Group Brings Four Decades of Experience North of the Border

Carroll Technologies Group, a leading name in the US mining sector, proudly announces its expansion into Canada. With a track record of serving over 800 mines and tunneling projects in the US, the company is poised to bring its expertise to Canadian mines, promising enhanced safety, air monitoring, communications, and tracking solutions.

This expansion demonstrates Carroll Technologies Group’s record of successful growth, offering much-needed “gold standard” products and services to the mining industry.

“Our more than 40 years’ experience has equipped us with insights and technical know-how that is second to none,” said Tommy Bannister, CEO of Carroll Technologies.

“We are excited to bring this wealth of knowledge to Canada, not just as a business expansion, but as an opportunity to provide outstanding products and services to the Canadian mining industry. Our commitment is to play a key role in making Canadian mines safer and more efficient”.

Key highlights of Carroll Technologies Group’s products include:

  • Personal Safety: Industry-leading collision avoidance technologies and emergency self-rescuer devices.
  • Advanced Communication: Seamless communication solutions optimized for challenging mining environments, ensuring efficient operations.
  • Electrical and Lighting Solutions: A range of products, from circuit breakers to innovative lighting solutions, designed to enhance productivity and safety in mines.
  • Rigging and Lifting: Robust solutions like Samson Rope products, ensuring secure operations in demanding mining conditions.
  • Industry-leading atmospheric and ground monitoring devices and systems.

As Carroll Technologies Group sets its sights on the Canadian market, it remains committed to its core values of safety, innovation, excellence, and community development.

For more information about Carroll Technologies Group’s expansion into Canada, and its products and services, please contact:

Carroll Technologies Group

Allen Haywood – President


About Carroll Technologies Group

With over four decades of experience, Carroll Technologies Group has been a leading player in the US mining sector, serving over 800 mines and tunneling projects. The company is renowned for its innovative solutions, commitment to safety, and unparalleled expertise.