Bay View Suites, located in Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas, will be officially opened on 01 December this year after completing rebranding process which includes a new name as well as a new logo.
The development was nominated for the Best Environmentally Sustainable Project in the LEAF 2005 awards.
Global hospitality firm Dusit International has entered into a management agreement with property developer Layana Development to operate a new hotel under its dusitD2 brand, in Phuket, Thailand.

SolarCity is a brand new town for 6,000 inhabitants that will be powered almost entirely by solar energy. Established in Linz-Pichling, Austria, SolarCity is based on a collaborative architectural master-plan by Auer+Weber+Architekten.

The highest possible level of compactness, diversity and multipurpose facilities, as well as the development of low-cost municipal housing, also feature in the plans.

Gardens for tenants, tranquil areas, children’s playgrounds and spots for communal activities divide up the construction areas and lend them an air of small scale individuality.


Together with a wide access boulevard, the centre of this future solar-powered town will form a functional and spatial link between the town’s districts, including various commercial, cultural and general service providers which will be attached as
modular elements.

A linear supporting frame is being erected in the streets and courtyards to provide transparent roofing. A variety of lighting effects will be created by the use of coated, coloured and polished glass, while the roofs of the modules will be used to
create solar energy.

The plan is for the central square – a ‘social magnet’ that can be easily reached on foot from all areas – to be the centrepiece of life in the new town.