Canada-based American Hotel Income Properties REIT (AHIP) has completed its previously announced acquisition of a portfolio of four branded hotel properties in North Carolina and Florida in a deal worth $41m.
A new $1.6bn hotel and conference/expo centre dubbed, 'Silver Pearl Hotel,' has been proposed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Home Couture is a showroom, more like a high-end fashion store, for a selection of tiles and spa accessories. The store provides an ideal presentation platform for Raab Karcher and its four joint-venture partners from the premium tile and bathroom fittings sector.

The onlooker’s gaze wandering along the shopfront was taken as the basis for generating the interior geometry by means of computer simulation.

The fact that it is shallow means that the store functions as an elongated shop window for passers-by.


An installation of a liquid wall of milled plexiglas appears as a vertical wall of water and serves as an eye-catcher in the Ku’Damm facade. In the computer simulation, the passer-by’s gaze causes an acrylic glass pane to vibrate. The frozen vibration acts like a distorting lens and makes the illuminated back wall oscillate as you wander past it.