A Room Acoustics System that has Appeal and expresses Creativity

Rooms that have a modern design are often impressive in their simplicity. But when it comes to using the room it emerges that the acoustics have been sacrificed. The experience in historic rooms it is often not much better: the design elements predominate. The system we have developed provides numerous options for every type of room, providing freedom to adapt to different styles. The ceilings and walls are all brought into play when it comes to improving the acoustics, producing positive auditory and visual outcomes. The acoustic results are proven by the German TÜV Institute, which verified the outstanding absorption rates. In contrast to to other room acoustics solutions, our system creates an optical highlight. The panels are produced exactly in line with your wishes, and your individual needs (such as holes for speakers or lights) are catered for.

In addition to the included absorbers and metal frames, which constitute complete elements, Bruag offers yet more options that lead to improvements in room acoustics. For example, entire walls or ceilings can be furnished with perforated panels and special acoustic fleece. These can be combined with LED backlighting or a cooling system can be integrated into the acoustic elements. We will be glad to work alongside you to develop a system suitable for your project.

Multifunctional systems: design, acoustics and light all combined

Acoustics solutions can form optical highlights. Bruag’s conventional acoustics solutions have already demonstrated this, but the combination of LED backlighting and our perforated panels takes the whole array of possibilities to a new level. With LED lights it is possible to design an element which changes the atmosphere of a whole room by highlighting individual perforations and by creating an exciting interplay between light and shadow. Meanwhile, the translucent fabric behind the panel possesses sound-absorbing qualities which bring about acoustic improvement.