Two humans with the exact same appearance? Not possible. For buildings, this is unfortunately a bit different. There are often several nearly identical buildings. With a facade of Bruag, this will not happen to your dwelling. Thanks to the flexible assembling by laser cutting and a huge colour range, the CELLON facade system offers a convincing flexibility. If as plain facade or perforated element, the panels give every building an individual touch.

Unique Perforation Patterns

Besides a wide choice of standard perforation patterns, it is also possible to produce a design created by you. Like this, different types of ornaments like writings, company logos or any other pattern can be realised easily.

Your CELLON Facade System

The back-ventilated CELLON facade is a highly developed system based on high-pressure-laminate panels. Every element is being produced exactly according to your drawings and coated in one of over 3000 colour shades possible.

With Bruag, standard products have without question become a thing of the past. So take the opportunity of employing one of our entirely individually-designed facades!

Flexible. Individual. Reliable. Get inspired by the possibilities offered!

Area of Use: Balcony Cladding/Railing

Raw Material: Compact high-pressure laminate board (HPL), based on 70% paper layers and 30% phenol resin

Thickness: 8 or 10mm

Format Raw Material: 3,630mm x 1,860mm or 3,050mm x 1,300mm

Maximal Format Industrial Coating: 3,600mm x 1,300mm

Cutting: by Laser

Shapes/Perforations: Individual Designs possible (70 patterns to choose out of our send us a DXF/DWG with your own design)

Colours: NCS S Edition, RAL, Bruag Alu or colours according le Corbusier

Fire Properties: B1 (fire retardant)


  • Individual shapes (incl. perforations and ornamentations) made possible by use of laser-cutting technology
  • Mechanically robust
    • Scratch-proof, impact-resistant and shock-resistant
    • Very high fracture strength
    • Not brittle
    • Moisture-resistant
    • No swelling due to moisture load
    • Frost-proof
    • Termite-proof
    • Extensive choice of colours (over 3,000 colours)
    • Natural appearance, with a matt surface
    • Straight-forward installation