Thanks to the complete freedom of design offered by laser cutting, the amount of light that is permitted to pass through our semi-transparent balustrades can be adapted to suit residents’ requirements in a completely bespoke manner. What is more, this can be achieved using CELLON, a completely weatherproof material. Balustrades that can be made to match your design concepts – exactly.

Not obstructing residents’ view while at the same time not allowing residents to be too visible – this is a conflict of interests which often confronts those designing balcony balustrades. Thanks to the way individual designs can be implemented, the degree to which Bruag’s semi-transparent balustrades allow light through can be matched to residents’ needs in a completely bespoke manner. The flexibility offered by our perforations additionally promotes interaction between light and shadow, such that the ambience on the balcony varies according to the time of day.

Spanning Great Lengths, and Easily Installed

When it comes to mounting the balcony balustrades, an all-round metal frame sized 40 x 40 is what we recommend. The panels can even be installed up to a width of 3.6m. When it comes to splitting the panels, you do not always have to make a bar – the perforation pattern can continue across several panels unbroken so as to create an oversized picture.

It is basically no longer necessary to install and rail. As an alternative, a U-shaped covering may be used, for instance.

The following pictures show you some of the ways in which our balustrades can be mounted:

It is not only the installation which is less expensive than when other materials are used, but the costs associated with the panels themselves are less than when glass is used, for example. Bruag adopts an approach of charging by the net amount used. So you might pay for wastage nor any additional charge for predrilled holes in cases where these need to be prepared in advance.

Fall prevention tests carried out at EPH in Dresden, Germany, have attested to the stability of the panels when used as balcony balustrades. The precise results of the tests, along with additional information, can always be found within the download section of our homepage.

EPH Dresden’s test results, which attest to the material having a sufficiently high degree of stability for the purpose of fall prevention, even in the case of an open service of up to 45%, provide enormous freedom of design when it comes to balcony balustrades. Laser cutting opens the door to completely individual designs. From concept to CAD, from CAD to the laser-cutting equipment, from the laser to the industrial coating machine and finally the finished product, what we have is a balustrade that gives any building a definite degree of uniqueness.

Area of Use: Balcony Cladding/Railing

Raw Material:  Compact high-pressure laminate board (HPL), based on 70% paper layers and 30% phenol resin

Thickness: 8 or 10mm

Format Raw Material: 3,630mm x 1,860mm or 3,050mm x 1,300mm

Maximal Format Industrial Coating: 3,600mm x 1,300mm

Cutting: by Laser

Shapes/Perforations: Individual Designs possible (70 patterns to choose out of our send us a DXF/DWG with your own design)

Colours: NCS S Edition, RAL, Bruag Alu or colours according le Corbusier

Fire Properties:  B1 (fire retardant)


  • Individual shapes (incl. perforations and ornamentations) made possible by use of laser-cutting technology
  • Mechanically robust
    • Scratch-proof, impact-resistant and shock-resistant
    • Very high fracture strength
    • Not brittle
    • Moisture-resistant
    • No swelling due to moisture load
    • Frost-proof
    • Termite-proof
    • Extensive choice of colours (over 3,000 colours)
    • Natural appearance, with a matt surface
    • Straight-forward installation