In situations where the public presentation of large project areas is required, we can offer our services for the realistic 3D visualisation of urban and landscape models.

In addition, we can model the planned projects using existing plans and visualise them together with the surrounding city or landscape model. In this way, we can simulate the impact of planned construction projects on their immediate surroundings so that they are vivid and comprehensible to their neighbors. This is an essential pre-requisite for effective negotiations with citizens in the course of major construction projects.

Project monitoring

Its full potential is demonstrated by project visualisation when it is used as a medium for communication. On the basis of the 3D visualisation, project operators can better negotiate with neighbors and, if necessary, agree on quick compromises. We can consider this in the form of additional switchable variants in 3D visualisation.

Project managers can thus graphically document in which details of the planning they have taken care of objections from citizens. With the help of the software tools we use, we can structure the 3D visualisation in such a way that it can be updated at low cost and can be regularly updated to the current status of the project planning.


If necessary, we also support our clients in the presentation of 3D visualisation during information events. The presentation is either moderated or independent. Depending on the type of presentation, the use of beamers, large screens or conventional monitors can be used to bring the interactive 3D project visualisation closer to the interested audience.

According to experience, citizens at information events also want to be able to navigate themselves through the 3D model and take freely chosen points of view. By connecting our CityGRID® Scout 3D visualisations to virtual reality eyewear such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, we are even taking a step further and placing the viewer in the middle of the virtual world, allowing completely new insights.

When using the 3D visualisations in public space, the Microsoft Kinect gesture control system provides a further incentive to attract visitors. The user interface simulates the steering of a car in order to enable a realistic interaction with the 3D visualisation.

If a larger audience is to be reached, we can also provide the 3D visualisation on the Internet for web browsers or as an app for mobile devices.