Construction company Wihlborgs will build a new manufacturing and logistics facility of 25,000m2 at the Rausgård 21 property in southern Helsingborg, Sweden, for environmental technology company Nederman.

The facility, for which lease is about 20 years, is anticipated to start operations in March 2024.

Nederman is a supplier and developer of products and solutions in environmental technology, mainly air filtration.

With its head office in Helsingborg, the company has 2,200 employees.

Apart from warehouses, production facilities and offices, Nederman will also create an innovation centre in the new facility with an emphasis on product development and innovation for enhanced industrial air filtering.

A new test centre and a showroom will also be developed to showcase the company’s products and solutions.

The total investment for Wihlborgs touches around $43.20m (SEK420m).

To build the facility, two of the three buildings at the property will be demolished.

Nederman CEO Sven Kristensson said: “I am proud that we are taking the next step in our successful development and that this is happening in Helsingborg, which is also where we were founded. I look forward to continuing to build on our world-leading position together with our employees. The new facility will grant us with the best conditions to develop and highlight our operations,”

Helsingborg City Mayor Peter Danielsson said, “Nederman has a long history in Helsingborg and it is gratifying that the company recognises the strengths of the city and chooses to continue to invest and develop here. I look forward to seeing how the property and its surrounding area benefit Nederman, but also the city of Helsingborg.”

Wihlborgs CEO Ulrika Hallengren said, “We are very pleased to build a new facility for Nederman and all of the exciting operations that will be conducted here. Now that we are demolishing obsolete buildings and modernising a minimally exploited property, the entire area will also receive a push in the right direction.”


Image: The facility, for which lease is about 20 years, is anticipated to start operations in March 2024. Credit: Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB/Cision.