Norwegian construction and civil engineering firm Veidekke has received a contract to extend and upgrade Nortura’s production plant in Tønsberg, Norway.

The contract is a collaborative construction project which is expected to be valued at $26.49m (NOK240m).

The scope of work under the contract involves construction of five new buildings, conversion of the existing slaughterhouse as well as demolition work.

Five new buildings, with 6,500m2 total area, will be constructed. They will feature cutting department, refrigeration centre, a hanging hall, converter, along with various technical facilities.

The company will also remodel about 3,000m2 of the existing slaughterhouse, which will include shock freezer, intestine cleaner, entire slaughter department, barn and break room.

This will increase the factory’s footprint increases by 3,000m2.

Construction work on the project is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2023.

Upon completion of the project, Nortura has planned to move all the slaughter and cutting of swine in Eastern Norway to the Tønsberg plant.

Veidekke said: “The supporting systems for the new building will mainly consist of prefabricated concrete on a foundation of elements and soles.

“Both the new builds and conversion will be carried out with the slaughterhouse in full operation, with the exception of a period in the spring/summer of 2022 when the slaughter department will be closed in order to allow for work along the actual slaughter line.”

Recently, the company secured a contract worth NOK106m from K2 Bolig to deliver the Madla Tress residential project in Norway.

The scope of work under the contract involves design and construction of the Madla Tress project at Madla in Stavanger, Norway.


Rendering of Nortura’s production plant in Tønsberg. Credit: American Community School of Abu Dhabi.