Swedish Transport Administration (STA) has awarded a contract to Scandinavian construction company Veidekke to undertake protection works on the Haga section of The West Link Project in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This contract will be undertaken over a limited period on an ongoing basis.

Recently, the STA terminated the contract with the former contractor for The West Link Project‘s Haga portion.

Veidekke is assigned to conduct protection works to deliver a functional, secure, and well-maintained workplace to the contractors working on the project.

Apart from securing the work area, the protection work involves maintaining functions associated with environmental permits, tunnel protection, digging, wiring, ground reinforcement, water treatment, drainage, asphalting and traffic diversions.

Veidekke Anläggning Väst regional manager Fredrik Indevall said: “We are proud to be carrying out protection work for the Swedish Transport Administration and to help minimise the consequences of the contract cancellation a few weeks back.

“We will work jointly with the Swedish Transport Administration to ensure that the work is carried out as efficiently as possible, in full transparency, and with the goal of achieving the best results through good cooperation.”

 Veidekke’s focus on an immediate basis involves having a common understanding of the present state of the project and the measures that need to be executed, and how to prioritise them.

This work will be performed as an execution contract with invoicing on an ongoing basis.

The Haga project features a new underground station in Haga and 1,700m of tunnels.

The larger part of the Haga project will include a track tunnel and a parallel service, as well as a rescue tunnel through the rock.

Furthermore, some shorter sections will be built in concrete through clay and soil.