Toyo Styrene, an affiliate of Denka Company Limited, along with Agilyx, Nippon Steel Chemical & Material and Daicel began the construction of a chemical recycling facility in Japan.

With ten-tonne per day recycling capacity, the new facility will be equipped with Agilyx’s depolymerisation technology. Agilyx offers technology that is used to recycle post-use plastics to virgin-equivalent products.

Agilyx CEO Tim Stedman said: “The decision to move into the final stages of this project is a big accomplishment for the members of Agilyx and Toyo Styrene who have worked tirelessly to bring us to this point.

“We are very proud of their efforts and excited for the opportunity to bring our proven advanced recycling technology into the Asian markets to help improve the availability of recycled plastic content and increase global plastic recycling through circular pathways.”

The new recycling facility will be used to convert post-use polystyrene into a styrene monomer, which will be later purified using Toyo Styrene’s purification process.

Styrene monomer is again transformed into polystyrene products, which are claimed to have less carbon footprint in comparison with those produced using virgin monomer.

Toyo Styrene president Sanshiro Matsushita said: “As the first step toward the circular economy, we will construct a chemical recycling plant for this project, collect post-industrial materials for the time being, and start a chemical recycling business.

“Furthermore, in order to build a carbon free society through chemical recycling in Japan, we are also planning to participate in a platform that integrates citizens, businesses, and local government, which is being undertaken by Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture.”


The factory will have ten-tonne per day recycling capacity. Credit: Jim Witkowski on Unsplash.