Samsung Electronics America has partnered with Golden State Warriors to install over 64 LED video displays at the sports and entertainment venue Chase Center arena.

The company has also installed the main 9,699ft² centerhung active video display.

The screen integrates 15 displays, ranging from 6.7mm pixel pitch on the main displays and upper halo ring to 4mm-pixel pitch on the bottom displays.

Samsung Electronics America B2B enterprise display division senior vice-president and general manager Harry Patz said: “Our product portfolio lends itself to seamless integration in a variety of industries, including sports applications, and in this case, outfitting Chase Center with our displays.”

Installed at the outer wall of Chase Center’s west entrance, the full outdoor LED display provides a preview of the innovation that can be experienced inside.

Apart from the main and outdoor LED displays, Samsung LED technology across the stadium constitutes up to 53.6 million individual LED pixels.

Samsung Electronics America subsidiary PRISMVIEW was contracted for the design, supply, manufacturing and installation of the project.

PRISMVIEW CEO Don Szczepaniak said: “It took years of planning and working side-by-side with the Warriors organisation to ensure that the centerhung structure and LED video displays met all of the weight and engineering requirements to deliver an amazing experience.

“From the stunning outdoor LED video displays in the Plaza to the massive centerhung, the Chase Center is a world-class venue.”