Quality Hotel Match, an 18-storey facility spread across a 12,300m² area, has opened its doors to guests in Jönköping, Sweden.

The new hotel comprises 229 rooms, ten meeting spaces, a restaurant, a bar and a fitness centre for the convenience of visitors.

Situated in the industrial match area, the hotel’s architecture features a brick foundation and glass façade, blending the design of both the existing industrial architecture and the modern city centre.

The structure that oversees Lake Vättern extends to a height of up to 60m.

Architect Enter Arkitektur and developer Skanska jointly won the developer competition for the hotel in 2015.

Enter Arkitektur CEO Ulrika Cedwin said: “We wanted to bring the industrial area closer to the city and create a passage that leads to the area. We did this through a wide and large staircase that can easily be accessed through the hotel.

“The ground floor bricks are chosen in colour and texture to tie the building together with the industrial area. The brick façade is later mounted with glazed slits, which creates transparency towards the public street and the location.

“The glass volume is connected to the city, although with a more modern touch. The ambition was to link the city centre with the industrial match area, to let the building become a generator for the city life.”

While a belt on the second floor separates the brick foundation from the glass façade, a corridor on all floors separates the two different glass parts of the hotel.

The façade at the lower part of the building is denser and more transparent towards the upper floors giving a broader view of the city and the lake.

The glass structure includes triple glass units with SNX60 HT solar protection. The façade also has high noise requirements between the rooms, ensuring a calm experience for guests.

Through contractor UPB, Wicona has equipped the structure with a 4,600m² unitised façade and 646m² stick façades.