A new planning application has been filed with the Manchester City Council in the UK to offer critical infrastructure that will lead to the development of up to 5,500 new homes in Red Bank area of Victoria North scheme.

The planned works include land remediation, earthworks and changes in site levels alongside the River Irk banks, while also revitalising the current St Catherine’s Wood.

The proposal also has sought approval to construct preliminary transport infrastructure, including facilitating a new permanent road and junction into the Red Bank neighbourhood, along with new drainage, street works and utilities infrastructure for the area.

The important infrastructure improvements will lead to future planning applications for new homes from the council’s joint venture partner for Victoria North, Far East Consortium (FEC), as well as other third-party developers.

This phase of the Victoria North regeneration programme is being funded through a £51.6m grant from the government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF).

The funding will support the delivery of up to 5,500 new low carbon homes across a range tenure types in the years to come while bringing over 25-acres of brownfield land back into use.

The investment in the first phase of the City River Park will connect Red Bank close to the city centre to Queens Park in Collyhurst through interconnected, and quality green spaces.

This first phase will commence work to transform the former railway architecture to develop the new Viaduct Linear Park north of Victoria Train Station, new stepped public realm space, along with new green space by the River Irk and important improvements to St Catherine’s Wood.

The fresh application comes following submission of an initial planning application in November 2021 that approved the commencement of enabling works at the Red Bank site. These enabling works included the removal of invasive trees and vegetation, creation of a temporary haul road, and demolition of the former Creamline Dairies buildings.

Victoria North is a joint venture programme between Manchester City Council and developer Far East Consortium (FEC).

Over the next 15 to 20 years, the Victoria North project will provide over 15,000 new homes, with each neighbourhood linked by quality green spaces and 46ha City River Park.


Image: The planning application also seeks approval to build preliminary transport infrastructure  into the Red Bank neighbourhood. Credit: Manchester City Council.