Nordic builder Peab has been awarded a contract to build an ice skating rink in Landskrona, Sweden.

This SEK161m ($15.48m) contract has been awarded by Landskrona City.

To be located in the area Landskrona IP, the new ice skating rink will consist of two standard-sized ice skating rinks.

One of the ice skating rinks will be a public arena with stands for 500 spectators, while the other will serve as a practice rink.

The total area of the ice skating rink will be 7,400m2.

Peab will develop the building as per the Miljöbyggnad Silver standard.

Peab region manager Olle Olsson said: “This project is an important investment for the future of Landskrona residents and we’re proud to contribute with our expertise.

“The ice skating rink will be a meeting place for both the general public and sports clubs, contributing to people’s health and leisure activities. In short, this is a good example of local community building.”

Landskrona municipal board chairman Torkild Strandberg said: “The ice skating rink is one part of the largest development project ever in Landskrona where we’re investing close to a billion Swedish kronas in health and sports.

“Based on the trend we currently see in society, where people are becoming physically less active, the Karlsund Project is badly needed. Through it we’re investing in a healthier society.”

Construction under this turnkey contract will begin in the spring of 2023.

Peab plans to complete the project in the summer of 2024.

The company will reject this contract in the fourth quarter of 2022.


Image: Illustration by Krook och Tjäder. The new ice skating rink will consist of two standard-sized ice skating rinks. Credit: Krook och Tjäder via Peab/Cision.