Ovivo, which manufactures water treatment solutions, is investing over $25m for the construction of a facility in the US for producing Cembrane’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) flat sheet membranes.

The 110,000ft2 facility will be built and operated by Ovivo.

Located in the Innovation Business Park of the city of Hutto in Texas, it is expected to create around 100 new jobs when at full capacity. It is slated to be fully operational by early 2023.

The development follows Cembrane’s partnership with Ovivo group to drive the development of its SiC membrane technology.

Ovivo president and CEO Marc Barbeau said: “We are very excited with this strategic investment to build a manufacturing facility in Texas near our centre of excellence for membrane filtration in Austin, to produce Cembrane SiC membranes addressed for multiple water and wastewater treatment applications in North America.”

Ovio, which has been working with Cembrane for some years now, has selected Cembrane SiC membranes as its preferred membrane technology.

Ovivo expects the integration of Cembrane to propel its growth in existing market. It is also anticipated to help the firm develop new solutions for a range of applications in drinking water and wastewater in municipal as well as industrial markets.

In addition to its investment in the US, Ovivo is investing to develop additional manufacturing capacity at Cembrane’s facility in Lynge, Denmark.

Barbeau further stated: “Ovivo’s mission is to provide sustainable and efficient water treatment solutions to our customers through expertise and innovation, and the Cembrane SiC membrane is a disruptive technology that will add value to our customers in need for durability, highest performance and sustainability.”



Ovivo is also investing to develop additional manufacturing capacity at Cembrane’s Lynge facility in Denmark. Credit: kubinger from Pixabay