AI business OpenSpace has launched a suite of 3D tools known as OpenSpace BIM+, to accelerate BIM coordination on construction sites.

OpenSpace BIM+ is an add-on to OpenSpace’s existing products, OpenSpace Capture and OpenSpace Track, which are used for documenting and tracking construction progress, respectively.

The new suite of tools will enable field and virtual design and construction (VDC) teams to work more efficiently by facilitating BIM and field coordination workflows.

OpenSpace BIM+ will allow field teams to navigate, analyse and manage BIM models in the field.

It will allow them to navigate the model and compare them to the actual site conditions using OpenSpace 360° photos. Users can also save and access the models in offline mode on mobile devices for use in the field.

The analysis tools within BIM+ enable quick problem-solving by aligning design intent with on-site conditions, leading to faster responses, approvals, and project schedules.

Field teams can add detailed images and notes using the field note feature, and the BCF file export feature enables integration with popular BIM coordination tools such as Revizto, Navisworks, and BIM Track.

It supports Autodesk model import, allowing multiple models to be used, and provides model usage reporting, ensuring that BIM remains up-to-date and accessible to all stakeholders.

OpenSpace product vice-president Neel Sheth said: “We recognised that many of our customers were seeking more powerful, yet easy-to-use BIM tools from OpenSpace.

“Our customers’ BIM usage in OpenSpace was outpacing the industry’s overall rate of BIM adoption. That told us that OpenSpace might be able to help drive BIM utilisation for those teams that are adopting and investing in BIM. With OpenSpace BIM+, we have partnered with VDC leaders and their project teams to help them work with BIM as easily as navigating a Google Street View.”