The KUBE multi-functional installation by Dutch architect OMA has opened to the public at K11 MUSEA in Hong Kong.

The project was led by David Gianotten, Rem Koolhaas and Ken Fung, and commissioned by K11 Group founder Adrian Cheng.

OMA’s KUBE comprises a golden cube and a giant floating balloon.

This compact, multifunctional installation is located in front of K11 MUSEA, which is a cultural-retail hub on Hong Kong’s waterfront, Victoria Dockside.

OMA managing partner architect David Gianotten said: “The KUBE is a multi-functional installation to connect people visiting K11 MUSEA and passers-by, who share a moment to be fully present to experience the city, and possibilities of encounters.”

Built from a golden colour cubic volume, this installation houses a local artisan coffee brewer.

KUBE’s anodised aluminium finish changes colour throughout the day as different light intensities reflect from the material, thereby enabling visitors to enjoy a distinctive experience.

Outside the golden cube features a set of stone cubes that serve as outdoor seating facilities to encourage conversations.

The stone cubes also create possibilities for seating facilities for different outdoor performances while providing a harbour view to visitors.

During some special occasions, the KUBE’s giant red balloon can serve as a city canopy for all the participants under the same roof.

K11 Group founder Adrian Cheng said: “In creating K11 MUSEA, we have worked with 100 creative talents to propagate culture and inject inspiring content into the new consumer’s daily life. What David Gianotten and Rem Koolhaas’ KUBE adds to K11 MUSEA is, therefore, more than an iconic OMA feature, but a symbolic space that explores Hong Kong’s waterfront culture, coffee culture and a new way to become part of a larger community.”